15 Newborn animals that will steal your heart

We all adore puppies and kittens: it is a great pleasure to fall in love with these cute tiny creatures! Big eyes, small ears, short paws and clumsy walking — they can be admired days and days long!

Unlike domestic animals, wilds most often hide their cubs, otherwise they might become a pray of a predator. Therefore, we often see already grown up, confidently standing on their paws hedgehogs, pandas, crocodiles and other representatives of the animal world. Seeing their newborns is a big rarity, and you would obviously fall in love with them!


These hedgehogs are so adorable. Just note that the palms of an adult can fit a dozen of them

The best panda ever

Amazing kangaroo

Just look at this porcupine. His spines are still harmless

Some tasty milk for a chinchilla

Some beautiful pigeons

An adorable hamster

A tiny rabbit

A cute camel

Even a crocodile can be adorable!

This adorable echidna will soon be covered with spines

Have you ever seen such an amazing armadillo in his shell

This wombat still has no fur

This cute hedgehog and his mom wish you a good luck!

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