15 pictures of everyday objects taken from different angle

The beauty of photography is not only in describing events that we could not otherwise attend, but also in showing us the usual objects in a different way. This category includes macro photography, for example: aiming a powerful objective on a common object, we would probably obtain a perspective so original that we could hardly recognize the original object!

In the following list we have collected 16 images of this type: some are macro photographs, others are simply lucky shots, others still photographs that show us the curious interior of objects known to us. All in general offer a look at the reality that will probably leave you amazed.

The insects can be terrifying and amazing at the same time

The inner structure of a cactus

Lava during volcano eruption in Hawaii

Skin of alligator

Inside a bowling ball: could you ever imagine this?

The skeleton of a turtle … isn’t it a wonder of nature?

The section of a grenade, with all its components

Did you know that golf balls are colorful inside?

A pile of tyres

The bark of this tree resembles an another planet

Some sections of pearls

The giant bulb of a lighthouse

A peeled leaf of Aloe Vera resembles a jelly

The organ with which the cetaceans breathe is similar to a gigantic nose

Raindrops atop of a car: aren’t they hypnotic?

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