15 things that have changed drastically over time

Unfortunately (or luckily?) there’s nothing eternal in our world. People grow old and things become worn out. Thoughts about this sometimes cause a feeling of melancholy. At the same time, everything that has fallen under the continuous impact of years, acquires the aura of mysterious charm.

The time flies…

Some worn steps on Great Wall of China


An old guitar. It knows a lot of stories…



A child left his bicycle near the tree in 1914 when the war started


The can has been sitting in that up holder for two years


These Teddy Bears were bought in 1985. My brother played with the left one, and the right one has been kept in storage for 30 years


Two identical pillowcases. One has been used for 40 years, and another one has been in a closet


A building in New York before and after powerwashing. The city was much durtier when the Northeast ran on coal plants


Stones in the tree are from the collapsed wall


Iron knives of Chef Morimoto. The one the top is new, and the one at the bottom is after 3 years of use at his restaurant


Instead of removing the old tile on this parking lot they simply paved over it


M&M’s have been sitting there for even 10 years. How is possible?


This whole brick wall has been shaped by the sea


Ghosts of Union Station


He has been driving a track for 28 years. Now you can see the effect of the sun on the left side of his face

Preview: reddit.com/r/pics/comments/36s4j1/when_my_brother_was_born_in_1985_my_mother, reddit.com/r/pics/comments/51hlln/how_time_just_flies_by

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