15 Unusuаl pеоplе whose gеnеtics makes them аbsоlutelу uniquе

Cinema has always had at heart the theme of mutations — human and otherwise — to create fantastic characters with memorable powers. Mutations are something closely related to human nature, but their results are most often far less exaggerated than those shown in the movies. However, this does not mean that they do not lead to really curious physical characteristics, like those we’re going to show you in this article…

The child inherited that white shade in her hair (piebaldism) from her mother

One extra finger for each hand

The ear to elf, or ear of Stahl, is due to an excess of cartilage that forms the pointed fold


A scar in the eye? It is called macular pucker and in fact is the development of a membrane that curls when contracted, causing a worsening of vision

Due to symmetrical hair whorls this boy can grow a natural Mohawk

Vitiligo can also affect eyelashes. It appears when immune system weakens


Freckles only on half of the face: it happens when the pigments of the skin undergo a mutation during migration, bringing the effect only on one side

Two-colored eye is called sectoral heterochromia. This condition that can be inherited or can appear after a trauma

Cut along the dotted line: the condition of webbed toes is quite rare among human beings


Contrary to the condition when a part of the body is deficient in pigment (polyosis or vitiligo) it can happen that one part is rich, showing a darker color

Life without nasal septum: it can happen!

This woman can only bend one of the thumbs: a condition that occurs in 3 out of 1000 cases


The veins create the number «2» on the head of this little girl: a common physical characteristic that results in something fun

This boy has a unique palm line: just try to predict his future!

Heterochromia can also bring these incredible effects


Heterochromia can also affect the eyes, the hair and the beard. This man looks like a character of a fantastic movie!

Some really unique hands…

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