16 photos of what persistence, determination and perseverance lead to.

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A well-known saying goes that if you’ve been eaten, you still have a way out. Even two! Because this is how the digestive system of large predators works. But for this you have to be badly chewed or completely swallowed as a whole. In a word, not everything is so simple. But it is the fact that there are no insurmountable situations. It’s just a question of how original a solution to choose. Also, persistence, determination, patience, and perseverance help to carry out what others would consider impossible.

It’s all drawn with one solid line. You will say it is perseverance. ‘It is the lack of Internet’, — the author of the picture will respond you. 

YoungVincentVanGogh / reddit

When you have endless patience and a lot of perseverance, you can organize everything in the pantry like this.

JephriB / reddit

A man camped out to repair his car. That’s what it’s like when determination is a little more than 100%.

MaKaPoHbl / pikabu

The girl wanted to hang the TV on the wall, so she sawed off the part of the stand that got in the way. There is nothing wrong with determination, but she needs to improve her logic.

Evilsosed / pikabu

McAuto is impossible to use without a car, so he has come up with this idea.

JamieTowers8 / twitter

A hungry girl got her hands on a can of sprats. There was no time to look for a can opener.

AksHD / pikabu

The grill was broken but I really wanted some meat. I had to invent something.

ThatDamnJosh / twitter

By the way, it turned out to be pretty good! And now the toast will smell like meat.

ThatDamnJosh / twitter

Some tasks are very easy to solve, but not on the first try.

greaseball1987 / instagram

Asphalt, really? The plant didn’t know that and just made its way to the sun.

LHMTy / pikabu

There are 4,000 pieces in this puzzle and they are all so similar to each other.

KsardasCheetah / pikabu

From afar, you can’t recognize the trick, but money is saved!

onkmasta / reddit

He’s been digging for four days now. We can only hope that it won’t snow in the nearest future. He’ll definitely finish by spring, and then we’ll be able to go for a ride. 

katti287 / pikabu

There are Christmas presents waiting for her outside the door. She’s been waiting for them for over an hour.

vefields / reddit

Miracles of balance, or there is no object that cannot be balanced on a knife blade.

hi-rree / reddit

«Dad didn’t know how to take a picture of a smartphone screen. He solved the problem with a photocopier!» 

neBular_cipHer / reddit

There are actually several separate gift boxes inside. New trend. 

raoullaboul / reddit

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