18 pets who are so comfortable that all the housemates envy them

Have you ever thought that animals agree to live with humans out of love, not for them personally, but for the goods they create in their homes. And it is not only a full bowl and a clean litter box every day, but also such things as warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Where in the woods or steppe can you find a heating radiator or air conditioner? And for free for these particular furry sybarites? Most likely it is not so, they love us and this is the main reason and they get many nice bonuses in addition. Sometimes it’s just frankly envious of how well they live. Some people’s life is just like a fairy tale.

He’s got a good thing going, and he’s teasing, too

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These two know how to enjoy a nap in the middle of the day

Source: steaksaftersex / reddit

And these two even have a vehicle for traveling

Source: duckinfum / reddit

The king played enough, ate, and lay down to rest

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You got a pillow, too! What a heat-loving man!

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With such an expression on your face, you should only hold government posts

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Well, where in the wilderness would you find such a miracle of technology?

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There are a lot of interesting things in human housing

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Just an illustration to think about where the comfort of the home begins

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Sweet dreams and no less sweet poka-poka

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It’s a pity we can’t get the bird. But you don’t have to go outside either.

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Is this all for me? Really? Hurray!

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The man tamed fire and did the right thing — a cat couldn’t do that, he has paws

Source: Karanabluedolphin / reddit

Let the winter and cold outside, the cat’s cot is always comfortable and warm

Source: maivy / reddit

It’s a miracle, not life — you can lie under the covers and watch TV!

Source: shafferrr12 / reddit

The deluxe level cat wall and its satisfied user

Source: formerlyacat / reddit

Listen, master, the hammock is a great thing!

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He loves to spend time with his people

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