18 rare and unusual things that few people know about, even with Wikipedia.

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Happy person is the one who knows little as he has no doubts! Maybe none of the great sages said exactly that, but the essence remains true. Let’s say you know that our Sun will burn out in 6 billion years and the entire Solar system will perish. And then they tell you: no, no, the Sun will be so hot that all the water on Earth will boil away in 3 billion years. It means that people will disappear as much as 3 billion years earlier! How horrible! But how interesting it is, and therefore you always want to find out something new.

We live in a remarkable time. Want to see the sunset on another planet? You are welcome! This photo was taken by the Curiosity Mars Rover.

RemoteStretch6 / reddit

And in the Sahara Desert, real snow fell recently. There it is, lays on the dunes.

Mono_420 / reddit

There are huge tunnels under Tokyo in case of a flood.

asianslovewhite / reddit

The place in Tunisia, where Luke Skywalker lived in the first part of Star Wars, was turned into a hotel.

sundaymacaron / reddit

The most ordinary modern banana looks gigantic in comparison with its ancestor, and it also has no seeds.

cheeseface35 / reddit

Graphene airgel is considered to be the lightest material in the world. Imagine, it is 6,5 times lighter than air.

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Today the search for mammoth tusks has been compared to the gold rush. Many people set off to Siberia in search of them. One tusk can cost $ 30,000!

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In the courtyard of one of the Polish churches, a tree swallows a statue of Jesus. The photo shows a progress over the several years.

DonPecz / reddit

Singapore Miracle, Man-Made “Gardens by the Bay”

GameSnake / reddit

Just like little dragons, right? These are red-eyed crocodile skinks!

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Some horse breeds grow a real mustache, and what a mustache!

Coffee2813 / reddit

The sunken boat has become a man-made piece of land and a whole grove.

Teth_1963 / reddit

The image in night vision goggles is green due to the fact that human eyes can distinguish shades of this color best of all.

EcoSM / reddit

A furniture store decorated its facade with the most understandable design.

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Sculptor Daniel Popper created this masterpiece called «Prosperity» in Florida.

 Bm0ore / reddit

On the beaches of Okinawa you can see the fossilized skeletons of ancient organisms instead of grains of sand.

offender_defender_ / reddit

The gray Percheron breed is initially black, but «fades» over time.

tbhntr / reddit

Hydrosaurus from the Philippines also known as sailing lizard.

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