20 Calm and rebel cats who break the system

Cats are not just amazing creatures who constantly surprise us. They’re individuals who sometimes can be absolutely rebel. They can afford themselves destroying all the stereotypes of the system and do what they want. With a great pleasure by the way!

Formally, this cat doesn’t walk on the table

This cat is broken: she likes taking bath and swimming

What about cat’s wine? 10 years of aging, just try it!

Can you repeat this yoga pose?

The head tribal chief of cats is always on top. He has even broken a stretch ceiling

Hearts are always the best suit

“I never get bored with this buddy on my neck. We always eat, walk and sleep together”

Do you like this flower? It’s absolutely cute actually

You will never find me here, human!

He was yelling over the whole night, so even this monster came to help him

“My human never buys food in time, so I have to do it myself”

This cat can be lazy even while eating

So let’s play. I’m a bus driver!

How do you like my new look?

I’m always safe, even when the weather is bad

Kindness will save the world. This mouse is so small and helpless!

This plastic bag is the best choice. It’s so rustling!

This dog is mine. Don’t even dare to touch him!

My human knows how to chill out. I’ve tried this way and find it perfect!

I need to go to the shop. Now.

Have you ever seen a cat snake? Here it is!

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