20 cаsеs whеn pеоple gаvе up thеir pеrsоnаl sраce to саts withоut а fight

A cat is the most valuable animal; it develops endurance, patience and humility in its owners with its arrogant and chaotic actions. It is so because fighting a cat is a priori useless and you can only bargain for yourself with good terms of surrender. But it does not apply to personal space, it ceases to be such at the moment when the tailed organism crosses the threshold of housing. Here are some examples of people who didn’t believe it.

Where are the fruits? He threw everything away and made a couch there.

source:Basic01 / pikabu

They boiled some water for me, thanks!

source:catmom2040 / reddit

Do you collect minerals? Now I will help you sort them.

source:Cronchy_Tacos / reddit

So, now let’s check what you have written there.

source:Blue_Galaxy100 / reddit

Is the owner sick of coronavirus and is he having some trouble breathing? I’ll sit on his face — I’ll train him!

source:Pretending2beme / reddit

Leave your book and pay attention to me. Just like that.

source:geeenuhh / reddit

That was not how she imagined waking up in the morning.

source:tarsinursa / reddit

Here is the main obstacle when working remotely from home.

source:catch_the_next_train / reddit

He really does not allow removing his paw, he releases his claws! Seems like the tales of slavery were actually true.

source:drrj / reddit

Thanks for the box. I don’t know anything about the puzzle, and I don’t want to know!

source:apples_r_underrated / reddit

The cat has occupied a salad bowl and does not give it away, and even bites.

source: DAVEfromCANADA79 / reddit

Stay! I won’t let you go! Where are you going, huh?

source:tinselpandora / reddit

And a silent treatment can be seen in the cat’s eyes — well, who whips the cream like that?

source:skipkrik / reddit

She shows with all her appearance that she doesn’t even think to get off from the winter jacket.

source:ToxicVixenTrickster / reddit

Partners. One distracts you with a piercing gaze, and the other tries to steal food straight from the plate.

source:ninjasquirrelarmy / reddit

Such a carcass could not be moved with a bulldozer. The work stopped for a long time.

source:BiCeNtEnIaL-bItCh69 / reddit

He has not only made his way into the bathroom and climbed closer, he is also yelling, so indignant!

source:TeddyRose13 / reddit

Here is a photo of a very compassionate person who was afraid to move and wake his cat.

source:juanralucard / reddit

Actually, cats often infringe on the privacy of other cats.

source:Blanche-Deveraux1 / reddit

It seems that some cats are not at all against such a rude intrusion.

source:doublefattymayo / reddit

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