20 Great Danes, which impress not only by their size, but also by their frankly puppy spontaneity.

Big does not mean serious, much less wise. And the best illustration of this is such cute dogs as Great Danes. Yes, those ones that consistently grow larger than their owners, but remain playful puppies at heart. In fairness, there are also worthy representatives of the breed, but today the conversation won’t be about them. Just look at these overage goonies!

The daughter got sick and the dog helps her to cope with the disease as best it can.

Source: Mongo1021 / reddit

He constantly makes funny faces.

lettensp / reddit

Sat down in the subway to an empty seat.

boredwatermelon / reddit

It seems that he did not like the new neighbor.

mm_bacon / reddit

Decided to take a nap with the owner on the chair.

larrygreatdane / reddit

He hardly fits on the chair, but still stubbornly climbs there , like when he was a kid.

Ivy_Maex / reddit

In the dad’s arms, as that is so scary alone, so scary!

sexedlady / reddit

His name is Presley and he is more than 2 meters on his hind legs. But at the same time, a terrible coward!

DraftDraw / reddit

Mistress! Can I have two portions for lunch, I came with a friend? But I don’t know what he likes.

zatt / reddit

It’s good that a paper towel tube is empty and you can breathe through it. Throw it out? Never!

livin4advntr / reddit

There are two puppies in the picture, a real one and an overgrown puppy.

Leanador / reddit

What epithet, besides «clumsy goof», is appropriate at the sight of such a spectacle?

digdilem / reddit

Loves to play, but can’t, he didn’t catch a single ball

albinobluesheep / reddit

And how does this little man cope with such a whopper?

Khathaar / reddit

Formally, she is still a puppy, only 6 months old. But it’s already unreal to take it in your arms.

StationaryUnicycle / reddit

What is this misunderstanding? Was I really like this once?


Pay attention to the difference between dogs. But they played the same way!

rossavitz / reddit

Do you see a gopher? And I can’t see. And it is!

koda_kilo / reddit

The head of the Great Dane is really big and heavy, it constantly needs a stand

0lly91 / reddit

Well, what ears! Much more than the owner has!

RogueWolverine / reddit

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