20 iconic photos of the past: moments that have gone down in history

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People, events and facts are in constant flux. History changes over time, and much is forgotten. But some events and scenes cannot be forgotten. Below are photos that you will not find in any history textbook. This is a great reminder of the life of several generations of the past century.

The apartment of two brothers who had collected 130 tons of waste

That is the way women put on their evening dress

Lotus legs: Chinese women have bandaged feet for ages to make them extremely small

For a short period time (until it was finally banned!) American children could be sent by mail within the country

Princess Dagmar and the son of Nicholas II

Elin Wagner standing in front of the signatures collected to obtain the right to vote for women

Illegal alcohol poured during Prohibition

Belgian miners in an elevator

British girls at the beginning of the 20th century. So feminine!

New York, 1880: electric, telephone and telegraph cables covered with snow after a storm

50th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. 24 May 1987

A living picture. New Mexico, 1915

Ancient orthodontics

Excavations on Easter Island. That is the way the famous idols look like!

Doctor of the plague: the beak of the mask was full of aromatic herbs which was supposed to protect doctors from putrid air, which was seen as the cause of infection

Russian dance school during evacuation

The city reunites after the Wall demised. Berlin, 1989

The ship Queen Elizabeth arrives at the port of New York loaded with soldiers returning from the Second World War

Orphans of the war in Vietnam are transported to the USA

Children for sale because of hunger, 1940

Celebration of the end of WWII. New York, 14 August 1945

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