20 photos that will show you how Mother Nature can surprise us in the most unexpected way

No doubt that Nature will never stop bringing us surprises. But now, when the risk of environmental pollution is increasingly alarming and thousands of amazing creatures may just disappear, it is always a great pleasure to catch an unexpected surprise of Mother Nature. These 22 unusual photographs of the reality around us will leave you absolutely speechless!

When the sky smiles at you, you smile at life

Do you also see the number 69 on the wing of this gorgeous butterfly?


A perfectionist farmer … isn’t it too much?


A rectangle of clouds seen from below … wow!


This curious tree has … a nose!

Do you see a duck’s head on the back of this insect?


When you kiss a dragon


This ingenious spider invented… the zipper!

The happiest caterpillar ever!


The marine trident is the distinctive symbol of this unusual gecko


A perfect sense of symmetry

This adorable dog’s paw drives me crazy!


A tree falls and gives life to four more trees … the effect is incredible!!


A spherical pebble is so perfect … it will be hard to find another one!

The stone is still dry… for now!


This sunflower is born and grows from the gutter just to face the sun


Bales of hay? No, those of snow!

This tree definitely knows how to survive


Eyes of an owl or wings of a moth?


A snail… just a snail…

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