20 things that if they weren’t captured in a photo, no one would believe

In any city there are such nooks and crannies that even the authorities do not always know about. But the homeless and other inhabitants of the streets can tell about it much better, and even better show it. For several years, there was even a fashion for such tours, saying, «Wouldn’t you like to see the inside of London instead of staring at the sights that have become obscure? Well, if you’re too lazy to go anywhere in person, here’s a photo of such wonders!

Rob Mulholland’s glass sculptures that reflect the forest around them

 Source: kandieee1996

A pumpkin weighing 341 kilograms grew in Lebanon

Source: m3antar

This fish is called a Mediterranean rainbow wrasse

Source: Proteon

A round Rainbow, Singapore


The sacred ginkgo tree of 1,400 years old, the point of pilgrimages from all over China

Source: LeeRByrne

Stables for transporting horses by plane

Source: animarenqe

The hurricane overdid it and tore out the tree and a big chunk of ground

Source: zeldadorf

We continue our tour of the inner workings of musical instruments. This is the body of a cello.

Source: TheMeanGun

Airplane propeller captured during a flight

Source: zclcghr

The body of an acoustic guitar looks something like a designer mansion in the oriental style

Source: mdjunaid2495

A paint stirring stick, which over the years has become encrusted with dozens of paint layers

Source: fathergoldengoose

All the lightnings that struck during a two-hour thunderstorm in one shot

Source: Opening-Elk-5606

Window washers wear superhero costumes to cheer up children’s hospital patients

Source: Elua7

Mexican hotel placed rooms on the trees in the jungle

Source: Night_Shade1

The area was once flooded with aluminum waste, and the underside of the trees was stained red forever

Source: hominoid_in_NGC4594

Carpet with a «melting» effect by Faig Ahmed

Source: zakuria44

The fiery «phoenix» in the sky is lava flows against the black background of Etna volcano in Sicily

Source: AccomplishGreatness

A scaled-down copy of a Victorian mansion, one of the oldest dollhouses in the world

Source: ggoldlover

They sprinkled powder on a doggie, which resembles flame tongues while the dog is running

Source: Heingarth

One of the secret testing grounds — the graveyard of old Soviet tanks

Source: leningrad84

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