20 Things that probably all of us have heard about, but only few people have really seen

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Today we live perhaps in the era that guarantees the greatest accessibility to information that humanity has ever experienced. All of this can give us the illusion of knowing so many things — saying everything would be really too much arrogant — up to the point that nothing could surprise us.

And yet it is not: sometimes we have only read or heard about something, and it’s just enough to change perspective in order to discover something new that we thought we knew.

A Nile crocodile about to come out of its shell

image: RyanReynoldsWrap / reddit

That is how the snake changes its skin



This is how a pine is born

image: Pupsikan4ik / pikabu


The traces of a thunderbolt on the stone

image: wintermute115 / pikabu


The mask worn by doctors during the Black Death

image: mazlow / pikabu


A spider’s paw and claw closeup

image: DraftDraw / reddit

A spider makes its net


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How a Spider 🕷 weaves a web by boingboing | follow @arts.hub

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That is how a firework takes off

image: etymologynerd / reddit


Take a look at our planet from a new angle

image: Fushigibama / reddit


Paper beats rock


Cross section of a commercial airplane

image: etymologynerd / reddit

Radiograph of the head of a hammerhead shark

image: idenis86 / pikabu


Octopus splashing ink

image: OKOSGLAZA / pikabu


A hurricane seen from the space

image: Astro_Alex / twitter


Practicing kidney surgery


Small bananas grow

image: Catma222 / reddit

3D printed prosthetic leg

image: DrChriss1 / reddit


The first license to sell alcohol after the abolition of prohibition

image: PerfectionEludesMe / reddit


Cross section of agate

image: Prostoilogin / pikabu

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