25 Absurd things which cannot be explained

We often come across something that cannot be explained by any means. Things or facts are so absurd that it is difficult even to believe in them. They were caught by means of smartphones or cameras, but still no explanation can be found. For example…

These dogs who look exactly like these pictures

This really accidental art


This funny door. Would you manage to squeeze into?


This spilled water that defies the rules of physics


These nines taken from different fonts. The price is not getting lower still…


These trees which show the water line after a flooding

This cicada who has the McDonald’s logo on its neck


This bus driver who looks like David Bowie


These elephants after a swim


These ants who ask you a question


This mushroom which grows in a curious place

These mushrooms which form a «fairy ring»


This cat with LED eyes


This cactus which looks like a dragon


This gang of turkeys you shouldn’t joke with…


This 4.3 m receipt for just four items

This sign which just says «NO»


This cat sitting on hunkers


This fan who brought a rake to a music festival


This unusual key


These seagulls who don’t let anyone to park a car

These squirrels who took the same pose by the window


This smoke, which made the landscape look like that on Mars


This building which has the same paint shade as the sky

Preview: reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/938jtj/this_cicada_has_the_mcdonalds_logo_on_it/,

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