25 Extremely dangerous dogs (and cats!) behind the sign

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Even when there’s a dog in the house, you will not always find a warning sign. And even if you will, id doesn’t always mean that a monster will jump from around the corner, ready to bite everyone. Just look how these lovely guards are smiling… They welcome you!

Would you dare to come close to this dog?


Just rub my tummy!



Who said that the cats are less dangerous than the dogs are?


Hey, just come in!


That is where the danger comes from



Don’t judge the dog just by its size…



A dog? No, I haven’t seen any



This glance makes me tremble with fear!


When the dog is having a rest, it doesn’t mean that nobody guards the house. Be careful!



It’s impossible NOT to come closer…


It looks like he’s ready to hug you!


This guy looks really dangerous



Beware of the puppy: it may not the only one



Nobody will step inside!



Beware of the dog… if you come closer, you won’t get off it!



Hey, what are you doing there? Don’t even dare to come closer!



These guys are tired of hiding the bodies…



What did you need this fence for?



Why should I guard when I can roll on the lawn?


This guy think the same



The Golden Retriever is very busy… He smiles for the press!



So what do you want?



Yes, it is true: the cats can guard better than dogs



He’s too small, but too dangerous…



Mind the dog and don’t take back!


Preview: reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1gwqnw/beware_of_the_dog/, imgur.com/gallery/DWwepzF

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