30 broken cats who have found some catnip

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Have you ever heard about that magical plant that turns a domestic cat into a wild monster? No, it’s not a valeriana. It’s a catnip.

Sometimes this herb is also called a catmint, and there’s a certain reason in it. If a cat gets a whiff of it, he will get absolutely wild. Actually, catnip makes cats lose their minds when they smell it. On the other way, if a feline licks it up, you will find a motionless puddle somewhere in your house.

In fact, catnip is not as harmful for your furry friend as valeriana is, but if you don’t want your cat to make a «nip trip», just keep that magical powder away!









This is your cat on drugs.

Preview: https://imgur.com/gallery/9cN7n,

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