30 Perfect ideas to entertain a child without spending a fortune

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Millions of parents think that it takes time, money and effort to entertain a child. Nothing could be more wrong: children often do not need that expensive trendy toy, or be overwhelmed by an avalanche of different toys. They do not need much, that “little” that adults have no idea what it means: if you find yourself in need to entertain a child because you have to do some work or just to have fun with some stimulating game, you will probably get enough with just what you already have around. Here are some ideas to entertain children without spending a fortune and make it really funny!

The panels are a real attraction for children. Just choose a theme and use some objects you have in stock

With these panels you will not only need to buy new toys, but also you will teach your children to use everyday objects

They are excellent for developing manual skills; no doubt that your child will think about the story to accompany the game!

An overturned table, some film and watercolors: what a thing for children’s imagination!

A panel that lets your child discover different materials. Are you ready to play?

A way to recycle egg cartons, ice cream sticks and corks, as well as to express the creative inspiration of a child

Did you ever think about it? A cardboard and a marker make wonders come true!

Transparent board is very economic

Children enjoy getting dirty. So let them do it!

Precise task … only for the best ones!

The child-friendly home garden

Help your child to improve manual skills

Waiting for lunch, you can invent a simple game

What a hypnotic task for the little ones!

Vertical Lego: a way to renew a traditional game

Polystyrene balls and egg cartons

Ribbons and circlets: a game for children who have already acquired a bit of manual skills

A new way to use mom’s hair curlers

Your child will do it for quite a while

Let your child learn physics in the middle of having fun

In summer you can make break the rule: fill the trays with gypsum, flour, sand, dry grass and leaves, to discover the feet contact with different materials

Who will miss first?

Just another idea with egg cartons

Upcycle everything!

Learn the colors easily

A bit of coordination to overcome the corridor

DIY foosball table

Who will be the best?

Rubber band pattern

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