5 amazing places on Earth that completely change their appearance twice a day

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Imagine how huge water body of the seven seas moves, all the time flood and ebb alternate with each other. What’s the reason for this phenomenon? What an affect does high tide and ebb have? It has two two main reasons: the gravitational attraction exerted by the Moon, and the centrifugal force of the Earth’s rotation around its axis.

This phenomenon has always been interesting for people. Amazing things sometimes happen! On our planet there are breathtaking places that disappear during the tides and appear only when water goes away.

Mont Saint-Michel (Normandy, France)
The unapproachable island Mont-Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can reach it only when water has the lowest level. And during the high tide the island can be visited by boat. But don’t leave your car inshore for a long time: it can be sweeped away with a water flood!

Photo: wikimedia

Photo: pixabay

Manjuyod Sandbar, the Philippines
In this area of the Philippines there are only sand and sea. When people decided to build some houses here, the right choice was made — to build them on stilts. When the mayor’s office came to senses, it turned out to be impossible to pull down those houses because of water around.

Photo: flickr

Photo: wikimedia


Passage du Gois, France
Passage du Gois is a road that connects the Noirmoutier island with the mainland only at low tide. When the water rises, there is just no road.

Photo: wikimedia

Photo: wikimedia

Beach of the Cathedrals, Spain
This place is also called the Castilian beach or the Holy Waters’. It’s one of the four most beautiful European beaches. There are huge majestic cliffs that look like cathedrals. But when high tide covers the beach — it looks like it never existed. At least until high water goes away…

Photo: wikimedia

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Four horsemen of the apocalypse, Great Britain
Sculptures by Jason deCaires are located along the Thames. Their unique feature is that they indicate the level of water in the river. They are fully visible at low tide and float during the high tide.


Photo: Martin Pettitt


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