6 Largest cat breeds you will obviously fall in love with

Do you know hundreds of feline breeds exist since ancient times? Some of them were already present and widespread in the time of the Ancient Romans. Did you know that there are domestic cats crossed with the felines of the Savannah, or that some of them can be bigger than a dog? Here is a list of the biggest breeds of cats in the world that you can not do without falling in love!

Maine Coon

It is one of the oldest breeds in North America and is bred mainly in the United States. The males of this cat breed can weigh on average between 5.9 and 8 kg, while the females between 3.6 and 5.4 kg. In ancient times it was thought to be the result of the union of a lynx and a raccoon because of the similarity it has with both species. Unlike other cats, Maine Coons love swimming!


Turkish Van

Photo: By Photo (c)2007 Helen Filatova (Own Picture, Free Photos), via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

It is one oldest domestic cat breeds. Turkish Van is a perfect choice for those who want an unusual pet. These felines are friendly with other cats and even with the dogs! Besides, they’re very active and curious, enjoy cuddling and playing with children and appreciate attention of others.


Savannah Cat


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Savannah cat is the largest and most expensive breed in the world. It is a cross between a serval (native cat in Africa) and a domestic cat. An adult male cat can weigh up to 20 kg and, despite being crossed with a wild cat, they are actually very friendly, open and intelligent.


Siberian Cat

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These cats are actually very similar to dogs by their nature, demonstrating the same kind of affection to their owner. They are very calm, affectionate and… hypoallergenic! Their fur and saliva in fact contain very few allergens and Siberians are ideal cats for those who are allergic. They are similar in size to the Maine Coons.


Norwegian Forest Cat

Perfect cats to keep the apartment. They’re docile and kind despite the large size (which is around 10 kg for males and a little less for females). This breed has kept the natural instincts and thus these cats need a very active life, made up of games and physical activity!



Cats of this carefully selected breed are brilliant, affectionate and have an excellent memory! They owe their nickname «ragdoll» because of the fact that in human hands they stretch and become meek like anyone else. They are very big: the males can weigh up to 11 kg!


Meet Samson, the biggest cat in New York


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Samson is a Maine Coon hose weight is 28 kg. He eats much more than an average cat, but despite he is very playful and affectionate.

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