Chernobyl on infrared photos: it looks more haunting than ever

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In 1986 the whole world shuddered from the most serious nuclear catastrophe ever. It took thousands of lives and caused the evacuation of numerous villages. Now, decades later, this abandoned place looks frozen in time.

The life here stopped in 1986, but year after year the Nature wins back the territory. Rare animal spices have already been seen in the local forests. Tourists are not numerous here, but those who have seen these places got the strongest impression ever. It’s so specific that is hard to be compared with anything else…

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Photographer Vladimir Migutin was born in Minsk in 1986. When he was five, his family left the Soviet Union. After years he decided to visit the city of his childhood and to see how has it changed. Then a spontaneous decision came to his mind: to visit Chernobyl in Ukraine.

Not only has Vladimir made this voyage. He has also taken a number of unusual photos. He used infrared filter to make his scenery pictures even more impressive. It looks more haunting than ever!

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Meet Simon — a human-friendly fox who asks for food in the Exclusion zone


Pripyat is a real ghost town. No men here — just ruins, abandoned houses and surrounding forest. It is located just two kilometers away from the nuclear power plant. It was home for about 50 thousands of people, but all of them were evacuated the day after the catastrophe. Let’s take a look at this abandoned place.

Bird’s eye view




Ferris wheel in the amusement park


Swimming pool


The rotting grand piano in the concert hall

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Did you like bumper cars when a child?


Toys in the kindergarten


In the hospital


The Exclusion zone now looks like a paradise: everything is thriving, revived by mother nature. It may sound strange, but the forests, animals and the plants are flourishing. This special feeling of combined abandonment and flourishing can hardly be described with words.

Butterflies and flowers in the forest


A lake

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The monumental trail with the evacuated village names by the side


An abandoned house


It used to be a farm


A trolleybus in one of the scrapyards


Somewhere in the forest

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Some objects and constructions still remind about the past. These silent witnesses remind about the tragedy and teach us a very special lesson.

The Bucket that was used to clean the roof of the reactor after the fallout


«Duga» radar system, used as part of the Soviet anti-ballistic missile early-warning network


«The nuclear power plant sarcophagus


An old calendar dated from 1986. The time has stopped


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