Creative examples when designers have outdone themselves

Have you ever seen an interior with original details? Maybe, a restaurant with special chairs… or a thematic bar… or a supermarket with a special attention to a customer? Well if you want to create something similar, first of all you should find a good designer who will find the best ay to attract a client. And, of course, take a look at these creative masterpieces!

This metal strip keeps the beer freezing cold until the last drop

Colorful elevator buttons in a children’s hospital


Before you go, check the аlcоhоl level in your blood


Ice cream with a comics on it


A wallet-size version of a diploma


This building in Chicago has a map of the surrounding area with its own location marked

Before you enter the supermarket, just leave your wet umbrella here and lock it


Dog parking


You can see the content of this empanada right on its side


This hotel mirror will tell you the weather


A stall for dogs outside a supermarket in Copenhagen features air conditioning and extra light

The northern light on this Canadian coin is glowing in the dark


To depict a woman, a dress is not always needed


This Norwegian Air aircraft has a massive portrait of Freddie Mercury on it


These hexagon crayons will never roll down from the table


A realistic statue of a police officer near the entrance


This library features the Cone of silence where you can talk on your phone


An alligator in the lobby of a medical office


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