Eat the bride: the most expensive wedding cake was presented in Dubai. It is $1 million worth!

British-based designer Debbie Wingham is considered to be the most expensive designer in the world. Just imagine: her masterpieces may cost over 50 millions of dollars!

One of her recent works was presented at an exhibition in Dubai. All the visitors had a unique opportunity to try the exclusive wedding cake. This full-size bride-shaped wonder cost $1 million…

The «Million Dollar Bride» took the designer 10 days to bake and decorate. Chocolate biscuits base is made of 1000 eggs. About 25 kg of Belgian chocolate and 50 kg of fondant were used for frosting


Thousands of edible sugar pearls and 5000 hand cut flowers from snow-white fondant were used to decorate the masterpiece


Face details are carefully worked out


The dress was completed with a bouquet of pink flowers, a muslin scarf thrown over bride’s chest and five impeccable white diamonds of three carats — each priced at $200000!


«No one actually believes it’s a cake. In fact, she is as good as a living being for me. I call her Lulwa (meaning pearls in Arabic),» says Debbie


Inspired by Arabian influence, «Million Dollar Bride» was a real centerpiece of the show. Would you like a bite?


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