He heard strange noise on his porch. Then he saw the cutest guests over there!

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It is quite natural that when you hear some strange noise outside the house, you go to check what is going on there. This is exactly what happened to Tim Newton, a photographer from Alaska.

Tim says that he heard a strange sound, like somebody was scratching a porch. And was extremely surprised with the guests he saw over there…

A litter of lynx kittens!

«I crept over to the window and opened the curtains a crack, and could see it looked like a cat», said Tim in a media interview.

But hairs on its ears and big feet made him think it was a lynx kitten.

Surely, he grabbed his camera to make rare shoots


Such a great opportunity really thrilled the photographer. To his delight, he managed to take more than twenty pictures before the rare guests headed to the other side of his house.

But suddenly he heard their mother from the bushes!

Tim had mother lynx and her seven kittens on his porch. He says, it was like in Jurassic park! They were on the deck right in front the photographer while he was standing behind the screen. They obviously came to the right address!

And some more pictures of big kittens:


Just look how cute they are!


It is so amazing when a morning starts from such a surprise!

Preview: Screenshot from facebook.com/timnewtonphotography

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