Heavy storm hits France and covers the town with a layer of hail

Some days ago, a strong storm hit France. It has already been compared to the end of the world. Such a bad weather is not typical for the summer in this country: the whole town was was covered with a multi-centimeter layer of hail!

Consequences of hail and strong winds in a French commune

If the snow at the height of summer is not too surprising, for example, for the residents of Norilsk, then the raging element for many European cities is akin to the apocalypse. France was recently hit by a storm and most affected the Plombières-les-Bains commune in the east of the country. A town with a population of 1700 people was filled up with a large hail. Precipitation reached a record height of 60 cm, and the wind was so strong that it pulled out entire sections of the boulevard.

Precipitation has turned the streets into a winter kingdom right in the middle of summer.

In order to clear the area, people even had to bring out snow-removing equipment, which was waiting in the wings until winter. The bad weather also paralyzed the highway that runs past the town and left local residents without electricity. The consequences of the disaster will have to be eliminated for a long time, since the hail damaged the drainage system of the city, which caused a small flood: the water heats up the city basements and the basements of local shops.

For cleaning, people had to arm themselves with shovels and special equipment.

Heavy storm affected not only France, the downpour raged in some regions of Switzerland and Germany as well. Here wind and rain also caused flooding and brought down trees, de-energizing residential buildings for several hours.

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