«It was so small, that I had no idea how to feed him. But now it became the most tender in the world!»

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«I’ve found this tiny creature a couple of months ago. It was the size of a coin and weighed only four grams. I couldn’t even imagine what it was, so we went to a vet. The doctor wasn’t able to recognize poor animal as well: this creature was too small. But he gave me precious advices about nutrition and care»

«I gave him special nutritive drink every three hours. After that he usually had a sleep. He spent most of his time sleeping»


«Tiny creature was growing up, and I was happy. I must admit though that I checked his breath within every five minutes»


«Sometimes it reminded me a squirrel. But it was not»


«Just look at this amazing transformation!»


«It turned out to be a Sugar Glider — a nocturnal gliding possum»


«He spends with me all the time and likes to sit in my pocket»

«I remember the moment I found him. But what would have happened if I didn’t? He doesn’t eat from a syringe any longer and likes insects. Now I can’t imagine my life without this precious creature!»


«I tell you this story for a peculiar reason. I want to bring you a special message: if you save an animal, it won’t change the world. But it will change the world of this proper animal! Lots of souls have special bounds. Even a small gesture can drastically change the situation!»

Preview: Screenshot from facebook.com/iinature

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