Joshua Tree Residence: a unique house built from conjoined shipping containers

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What would you say, if you were offered to live in a shipping container amid a desert? It doesn’t sound like a great idea maybe.

But thanks to James Whitaker you will easily change your opinion. London-based architect has developed an amazing house out of some conjoined shipping containers. The project was created for one of the creative producers.

«Earlier this year my client in LA had some friends visiting and, having a little time to spare, they all went on a road trip to visit the client’s plot of land in Joshua Tree. Whilst there, amongst the arid landscape and jutting rocks, one of the friends said, «you know what would look great here?», before opening her laptop to show everyone a picture she’d seen on the internet. The picture was of an office that I’d designed several years ago but had never been built. And so it came to pass that next time the client was in London he got in touch and asked to meet up», says James.

200 square meters house, called Joshua Tree Residence, will be built on a mountainside. It will ensuite a kitchen, a living room and three bedrooms. Special conjoining of the containers will maximize views across the landscape. Set at different angles, they will create an illusion of a flower blooming in the desert.

«The client is a film producer with a background in nurturing creative projects into fruition so in many ways the dream collaborator!», adds James.

Large windows, wooden deck and spacious interior… Life in the desert doesn’t seem ugly any longer!


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