Life before glory: 20 celebrities in their young years

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We got used to see these famous people in perfect form. Now stylists and make-up artists work on their image. But it was time when nobody knew them. And, probably, even they couldn’t have imagine by then that in some years they will become as famous as they’re now…

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Young Naomi Campbell

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Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson


Young but beautiful: Gwen Stefani


Helena Bonham Carter: we could have seen her in different films, mostly those of Tim Burton


How long did it take you to recognize Madonna?

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She will remain forever in the hearts of those who loved her: Princess Diana


She’s a famous actress today, but years ago she got lots of things to learn: 15 years old Jodie Foster


He has broken lots of hearts! Colin Farrel


Angelina Jolie with her father and brother


Vin Diesel, 1980’s

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Her career was short, but fans will never forget her voice: Amy Winehouse:


He is not a famous rapper yet: Jay-Z


Teenage Jennifer Lawrence

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Did Hillary Clinton think about political career when she was young?


Dark curls and beautiful voice: Shakira


Cardashian sisters

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Audrey Hepburn, 1941 — during WWII in Holland


Fans will always recognize her face: Natalie Portman


Even Johnny Depp was mesmerized with her

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