One dollar bill in your pocket can earn you thousands. Just check its serial number!

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American dollar is the most widespread currency in the world. You can hardly find a person who have never heard about it. And the most popular bill among them is one dollar. While in rich countries you can travel a single stop by public transport, in poor countries a single dollar makes a real fortune.

But what would you think if I tell you that one dollar bill in your pocket can actually cost five, ten or even fifteen thousands of dollars? All you need is just to look at them attentively.

How can you make a fortune with just a single dollar in your wallet? Just check its number! There are certain precious combinations and collectors are ready to pay a great deal of money for them.


And these are not just words. Website publishes the serial numbers of dollar bills, which the owners of this site are ready to buy right now. And for avid collectors they have unique bills ready to be sold.

So, these serial numbers will seriously help your budget:
• sequence of seven equal numbers in a row, for example 29999999
• seven equal numbers not in a row will cost a bit less, for example: 99990999
• mirror numbers, such as 01111110, 10000001 or 80000008 etc.
• number repetition, such as 67676767
• four equal numbers followed by another four equals: 11110000
• and lots of others!

Of course, these numbers are a rare luck. Why? Because the collectors and attentive people are always on the alert and ready to add another precious bill to their collection. So hurry up and see if there is a fortune hidden in your wallet.
Good luck!

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