This photographer captured women in 60 countries to change the way we see beauty

Mihaela Noroc is a Romanian-based photographer. 4 years ago she took her camera and backpack and started travelling around the world. she photographed everyday women and collected their stories.

In her project, called The Atlas of Beauty, she aims to show that shines like a star because beauty is diversity.

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Baku, Azerbaijan
«Fidan is one of these amazing women who would never start a relationship, if she wouldn’t be treated equally and respected»

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Village Abyaneh, Iran
«We couldn’t communicate too much, because of the language barrier, but sometimes words are simply not needed»


Dushanbe, Tajikistan
«For a moment I had the impression that Audrey Hepburn stays in front of me»


Chichicastenango, Guatemala
«Many women of the world carry great burdens everyday, either literally or figuratively. And they do it, like this lovely woman, with so much tenderness and positivity»


Izmir, Turkey
«I met Ipek, a future elementary school teacher, last year, in the old bazar from Izmir, Turkey»


Delphi, Greece
«She’s Eleni, from Delphi, and although she wears modern clothes in a normal day, I had the chance to meet her during last Easter»

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Katmandu, Nepal
«She’s Sona during Holi, the festival of colours. This huge Hindu celebration is one of the most spectacular in the world. The day when spring comes, when good triumphs over evil, a moment to forgive and to be forgiven»


Pokhara, Nepal
«It was a Sunday in 2015 and just like every weekend, many people from Pokhara, Nepal were spending their time around the splendid Phewa lake»


Paris, France
«She has African and European roots and she loves the diversity of the world»


Sardinia, Italy
«There’s something magical about the island of Sardinia, Italy.
Sardinians gather often for festivals and parades to present their beautiful outfits, dances and music. Almost each town and village has its own costumes and the diversity is incredible for one single region»


Nampan, Myanmar
«For many people around the world this is how shopping looks like. They don’t have cars, big homes or bank accounts. But most of them are great examples of dignity, strength, generosity and honesty»

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Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
«She was working in the field in one of the most remote places of the world, a place where nature and people are beautiful but life is so harsh»


Zürich, Switzerland
«At 83 years old she enjoys life, she makes new friends and still remembers very well how she fell in love with ceramic art almost 70 years ago»


Munich, Germany
«This young woman started to march with her group right after I took this photo so I didn’t even had the chance to find out her name»


Athens, Greece
«This elegant lady was walking alone on the streets of Athens, Greece, enjoying the nice weather»


Bucharest, Romania
«But Magda wants to change the way people in wheelchairs are treated, at least in her country, through some amazing initiatives»

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Berlin, Germany
«Born in France from a Malian mother and a French father, she moved to Berlin a few years ago.
When she’s in Mali, people say she’s white. When she’s in France, people say she’s black. But Anais always felt both African and European and loves the fact that she has such a diverse family»


Korolyov, Russia
«Some time ago she made the first step to her dream, starting to study photography, while also working hard to make a living»


Dushanbe, Tajikistan
«A beautiful market seller. She’s ethnic Uzbek from Dushanbe»


Cape Town, South Africa
Since almost 30 years ago, she is selling meat every day, in exactly the same place


Amritsar, India
«In Sikhism, men and women are two sides of the same coin of the human and they have equal rights»

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North Korea
«Humanity goes beyond countries or politics. In North Korea I met amazing warm-hearted women and although they live in a totally different world I felt a strong connection with them»


Kathmandu, Nepal
«Mother and son, in October 2015, on the streets of Kathmandu»


«She was going home to prepare stuffed cabbage rolls»


Havana, Cuba



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Amazon Rainforest


Shiraz, Iran




«She is a market seller in Uzbekistan. Beauty is everywhere»

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