The experts reveal the meaning of the doodles that we create while talking on the phone

The seemingly meaningless scribbles we make during a phone call or during a meeting reveal, in fact, much of our personality: this is especially true when the scribbles are recurring and always of the same type. In those moments the level of consciousness about what we are doing is lower, and that is why many experts interpret those signs as ‘words’ of the subconscious.

Here is the meaning of the scribbles we make on the sheets of paper.


Drawing your own signature is typical for egocentric people. Doing it unconsciously means that you want to reiterate your superiority or your own importance.



Tracing circular shapes, either single or linked together, is related to the relationship you have with other people. Their meaning is the sense of loneliness that you experience and confess to yourself only in a state of non-conscience. Experts interpret the circles as a need for closeness and affection.


Squares and other geometric shapes

These scribbles reveal a very strong personality, a stubborn and self-sufficient character. Those who usually draw them do not easily accept the advice and judgments of others and rely heavily on their own strength.



Usually the human figures that are drawn without any refer to people who actually exist. The feeling that reveals this type of doodles depends on the stroke with which the lines are drawn: they’re strong if there’s feeling of anger or rancor. If they are gentle, they may be associated with a happy environment, and this is clearly a positive state of mind!


Curved lines and spirals

This type of doodles reveal a confusing state and dominated by uncertainties. The spiral is the symbol with which you represent your life, and the wavy curved line represents your highs and lows.



They are drawn when your goal is strong and highly desired. This kind of doodles is also typical for very good and self-motivated people.



Similar to the signatures, the stars are also ddrawn by people who try to stay in the center of attention. However, if your star has many rays that do not touch a central point, it means that your feelings «don’t have any direction» and you are at the mercy of the events of life.


Flowers, sun and clouds

Natural elements always express a positive state of mind. During a phone call, they reveal the pleasure with which you talk to the interlocutor.



They are associated with a condition in which there is a negative feeling for a precise situation. Tracing a cross several times expresses the awareness of a need to solve a problem, but at the same time leak of the skills or the possibility.

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