These 9 mathematical tricks you will never find in any school book

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Sometimes mathematics turns out to be a problem just because it is treated as something incomprehensible. Try to treat this subject as a foreign language — the one, you should learn. In this case you can compare numbers with words. And you obviously should know some tricks which will make mathematics curious and exciting. You never will find a single of them in any school book. But don’t forget to teach them to your children. Encourage them to get more enjoyment out of math. It looks surprising, but it works!

Multiplication of numbers, consisting of 1, by itselves

Add the next number, multiply and add the next number once again

Multiplication by 11? That’s a piece of cake!

That’s the way to multiply by 11, if the number has more than two digits

Find out an interesting consistent pattern while multiplying by 9

You can multiply by 9 in just some seconds!

An easy way to multiply large numbers

The way to add fractions

Complicated multiplication has never been so easy yet

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