These realistic 3D cat portraits are created out of felted wool. The result is absolutely purrrfect!

If you’re an artist, anything can be your canvas. Even such a simple thing as wool. This is exactly the material Japanese-based artist Wakuneco uses to create his amazing 3-D portraits of cats.

She uses needle felting techniques combined with different colors. It helps to create hyper-realistic portraits. Despite this job is extremely delicate and requires a lot of time (a month is needed to complete a portrait in general), the final result is worth all the efforts. It is absolutely purrrrrrrfect!

Despite Wakuneco started needle felting some years ago, it looks like she’s been doing it all her life


Pictures of cats and real-life models help to achieve the best result possible


Sometimes it’s hard to believe these are just portraits!


And some more amazing works below:


And the cutest supervisor ever:


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