They saved a «blind» cat on the street. But a real miracle happened when he opened his eyes!


Cotton used to a blind stray cat. He was next to death when a kind man decided to save him.

According to online service MLN.NEWS, cat was found on the streets of Royal Palm Beach. He was terribly starving: it looked like he didn’t eat anything for days.

The man called up for help in Facebook. Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, answered immediately. The next morning Cotton was examined by vet, who confirmed that there was a risk that a cat would never open his eyes. Nevertheless specialists did their best to save poor animal. Since then Cotton has transformed greatly and today it is almost impossible to believe that you see one and the same cat.


There was a risk that Cotton would never open his eyes

When a man who found him asked for help, Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, replied immediately

Specialists did their best to save poor blind animal

But finally a real miracle has happened! Not just Cotton opened his eyes… They turned out to be in different color: one was yellow and another one — an amazing blue!

Carmen and Cotton have fallen in love

Obviously she would never forget these eyes!

Image Courtesy of: animalfriendsproject. Used under permission of copyright owner.

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