This company builds these ‘Houses of the Elves’ … Their interior will make you fall in love with them!

These small houses with a very sloping roof will bring you to a fantastic world. Wooden structures, created by Dan Pauly, have the power to convey a special feeling of magic and an immediate desire to explore that space. It doesn’t really matter that it is very tiny.

Old barns are the source of inspiration for Dan. Especially those where his granfather and great-grandfather could easily have worked. These men have carried on this craft tradition in the Pauly family for four generations.

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Dan Pauly considers himself an old-school artisan. He is proud to come from a form of ancient craftsmanship, which has been present in his family since the time when his great-grandfather settled in Minnesota at the end of the nineteenth century

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«There’re no templates and standarts in creating these tiny houses,» — explains Dan


«We explore the Midwest far and wide in search of the best sources of wood to be dismantled carefully in order to reuse then the maximum amount possible»

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«Then the techniques derived from two decades of experience in the field are applied and the wood is «massaged» in order to bring to light what Nature has created»


«Until you dismantle an old barn with your own hands, you will never realize what kinf of job is to be done»

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«Old logs and timbers are real pieces of art that reflects the natural heritage we possess. I think they’re much more fascinating than modern wood»


Dan also creates furniture, houses, cupboards and cabinets

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But it was these unusual tiny houses that brought fame to his company «The Rustic Way»


You can easily get why…

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Each of them is always created with a great attention to details, both for the exterior and for the interior, according to the typical methods of the artisan cabinetmaker


Of course, the landscape possibilities of regions such as the Midwest USA make the atmosphere around these sheds simply special…


Would you like to have one in your garden?


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