This tiny log house has just 27 square meters of living area. But just take a look inside!

No one would refuse to live in a beautiful log house somewhere in the mountains or in the forest, surrounded by greenery and sounds of nature. To take a walk to the forest, to go fishing, to chop some firewoods and then to have a relax on a sofa in a small cosy house… It is obviously a dream most of us wish became true.

The Little log House Company makes dream come true. They build tiny log houses with very small living area. When you see it first, you may suspect it is impossible to live there. But wait and take a look inside!

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It looks like a fairy tale house from the outside

Just take a look at this wooden facade. It obviously came from a fairy tale!

Living room is very spacious and cosy

Kitchen is combined with the living room to optimize the space. First we cook, than eat and after that have a relax on the sofa. That’s amazing!

This wooden table is for breakfast, dinner and supper. It looks great!

Kitchen has all necessary equipment. Not a single inch of precious space is wasted!

Stairs lead upwards. Is there something over there too?

Just take a look at these details. They are truly amazing! These doors lead to different rooms

A bathroom with an elegant cabin. Have a relax under invigorating shower!

Spacious and bright bedroom

Another room with convertible sofa bed. Your parents may chill out here once visiting you

If you want to enjoy clean and fresh air, welcome to the balcony!

Look at this miracle in the darkness!

Now I know where the magic lives!

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