This unusual hotel in the middle of the forest strikes with its simple beauty

What do we imagine when we talk about a hotel? Mostly, a cozy suite equipped with furniture, bath, TV and Wi-Fi. And a fridge with snacks is a must!

But can you imagine a popular hotel which has absolutely no facilities? It really exists, and is located not in the centre of a city or in an old casino. You may find it right in the middle of the pathless forest. Let’s take a look inside one of the most unusual hotels in the world!

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The most primitive hotel in Sweden is called Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge. It has no electricity, no water and no internet connection. This is the best ever place if you want to find yourself away from the clutches of smartphones, tablets, social media and other modern technologies.

The coolest reception ever:

The hotel features 12 forest huts by lake Skärsjön. The dense forest is just two hours’ drive from Stockholm. Take your bath in the lake; cook your meal on the open fire; go hunting, fishing and picking up mushrooms… Enjoy this primitive life and don’t forget about telling stories sitting by the fire!


Surrounding nature is absolutely stunning!

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In winter it looks fascinating as well!


If you love nature and want to escape from a noisy city, Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge is the best place to stay for a few nights. No doubt you will come back here again and again!

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