Unnecessary packing is filling our planet with waste: 16 Sad examples!

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When you buy food in big supermarkets, you are often surprised by the amount of packaging that is used to keep it fresh. You can find on sale packs of sliced items in which, in addition to the outer covering, EVERY slice is separated from the next with a layer plastic. The result is that you find yourself with a quantity of sliced food identical to the amount of plastic needed to sell it! No doubt it makes nothing good for the environment.

These people faced an absurdity like the one just described, and could not help but take a picture and share it with the world. Have we really gone so far?

This man has ordered an umbrella, and it arrived with enough paper to make a toga

Not just a coconut, but a genuine coconut. Carefully wrapped, because you know that coconuts are delicate!


How do we wrap the wrapping roll? Right you are: with another wrapping roll. Good job!


Bread slices individually wrapped. Please, NO


These mini Vienna sausages are so precious that each of them is wrapped in plastic


The bananas already have a natural and biodegradable wrap. Do you think they need polystyrene and film?

We’re really doing something wrong…


It must be a really expensive charger to get the package of a diamond…


All this cardboard for such a small item!


When you order a broom and get a package where you can sleep in


Even the jelly candies are individually wrapped

Have you ever noticed that the spice jars are enclosed in an inexplicably indestructible plastic wrap?


This avocado was cut in two halves, then they were peeled and wrapped individually. The next step is to sell them chewed!


We have reached the point of packing a single bulb of garlic…


They have eliminated the protective peel that nature has supplied to the citrus fruits and wrapped them in a plastic cover. Logical, isn’t it?


Individually wrapped oranges: the Nature will show its gratitude!

Preview: reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/88a4cv/individually_wrapped_slices_please_no_hotel_in/,

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